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Event Program Printing

We know how important event printing is. It can be a high-pressure occasion, and it’s our job to take this project off of your plate. It’s never easy to make guarantees, but we’re a deadline-based print service. So in your order notes just tell us when it all needs to be there by and we’ll either make it happen or refund the order.  It also doesn’t hurt to ask in advance if we’re able to get an order done by a certain date. We’ve been known for lighting speed without cutting corners.

If you have any doubts about which item to choose, or where to go from here, just use our custom quote form.

Programs are materials designed for use with an event or occasion. These can be for weddings, funerals, concerts, stage performances, or sporting events just to name a few. 

The history of playbills dates back to the early days of theatre, particularly in Great Britain (United Kingdom). During World War 2 event program printing was impacted by paper shortages, and the programs were greatly reduced in size. The playbills reverted back to more typical volumes as time when on.


Event program printing and playbills have a wide variety of costs depending on 3 things: 

  • Format and Size
  • Quantity
  • Colors and paper

To get estimates of these things you can visit the various product pages or simply request a quote.

The most common format for event programs or playbills are booklets. 

Programs are just specially designed versions of other print products. Typically booklets get used as Playbills and Amateur Sport Guides. Bifolds may be used for smaller events like casual concerts or recitals, as well as funeral programs. Rack cards are often used as guides for brief events such as stage guides.

  • Booklets consist of a inside paper stock (often called “guts”) and a cover paper stock. External (cover) papers can be heavier, or the same weight as the inside pages.  Booklets that use the same paper on the outside as the inside are referred to as “self covers”. 
  • Saddle Stitch Printing are pieces of paper folded and stapled to create pages. Each sheet used yields 4 page faces, so all saddle stitch booklets are in increments of 4 pages. 
  • Spiral Bound Booklets use plastic spirals to keep their pages in place. The spirals come in different colors, and are a cost-effective way to keep large amounts of pages together.
  • These are the papers available for event booklet online ordering, more papers are available via a custom quote.

      • 70lb Opaque Text, commonly used for letterhead and stationary, it makes an effective magazine material. 
      • 80lb Gloss Text, extremely popular to use for magazines or booklets. 
      • 100lb Gloss Text, a heavy glossy paper, but too thin to be consider cardstock.
      • 100lb Gloss Cardstock, a good, mid weight cardstock that works great as a magazine cover, but not so great as  it’s inside pages. 
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