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Custom Notepad Printing

Notepad Printing make great product to keep your name in front of your clients. Everybody appreciates a convenient writing service, and nobody throws them away without first using them. 

Additional Notepad Printing Options

  • Infinity Prints gives every page a different image. Works great if you want to change photos or quotes between pages. 
  • Magnetic Pads have a magnetic strip applied to it’s backings. This strip allows it to hang from  such surfaces as file cabinets and refrigerators. 
  • Tearaway Pads have a wraparound at the glue edge and perforated page. When the sheet is removed the header remains. 
  • Custom printed notepads like our Infinity notepads have a different image on every page.

Notepads go by a variety of names depending on region. Scratch pad, memo pad, glue pad, tear pads, stationary pads and printed pads all refer to what we call ‘notepads’. 

Binding methods may vary, and we offer multiple types rather than just glue binding, but all the above terms refer to the same items. 

  • Notepad Sizes:
    • 4×6 notepad printing
    • 4.25×5.5 notepad printing
    • 4.25×11 notepad printing
    • 5×7 notepad printing
    • 5×8 notepad printing
    • 8.5×5.5 notepad printing

We can also supply a quote for any size memo pad you may need. The sizes made available for online orders are the most popular sizes. Feel free to request a quote 

Our notepads are available on 70lb Smooth Offset. Budget notepads are available on 20lb text for a discounted price, but they have some design limitations on them.. You may ask us to give you a quote for notepad printing on other papers.

Generally speaking any option is available as a custom order. We can offer a wide range of paper and synthetic materials, but we don’t make these available for automated online ordering. 

Templates are available in their respective product order pages. If no template seems to be available, you can request one from us and we will make up the template as needed. 

It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask, and depending on transit time and shipping arrangements we’ll be happy to help. We have been known to meet tight deadlines.

All our orders use plain chip board backings. These are 22pt pressed recycled board that are brown in color and rough in texture. They are normal for use on printed notepads. 

If you would like a backing that is branded ask us about using a printed piece of 16pt cardstock by using the form at the bottom of this page.

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