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Note: All submitted artwork will be reviewed and proofed with you before printing.

Custom Booklet printing

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Custom Booklet printing

Making a booklet of your business’s offering has it’s benefits. Supplying your clients with an easy to follow guide or program can be invaluable.

Saddle stitch booklets work great as playbills for plays, real estate guides, or to replace large menus. 

Here’s some things to keep in mind when ordering. 

  • Booklets consist of a inside paper stock (often called “guts”) and a cover paper stock. External (cover) papers can be heavier, or the same weight as the inside pages.  Booklets that use the same paper on the outside as the inside are referred to as “self covers”. 
  • These are the papers available for online ordering, more papers are available via a custom quote.

  • Saddle Stitch Printing are pieces of paper folded and stapled to create pages. Each sheet used yields 4 page faces, so all saddle stitch booklets are in increments of 4 pages. 
  • Perfect Bound Booklets and clamped and glued into a spine. This method is commonly used for large magazines, catalogs, and small books. 
  • Spiral Bound Booklets use plastic spirals to keep their pages in place. The spirals come in different colors, and are a cost-effective way to keep large amounts of pages together.

Saddle stitch booklets or (saddle stitch printing) are bound using staples aligned in the folds of multiple sheets of paper. Because these types of booklets are made of folded sheets saddle stitch booklets are made in multiples of four pages (referred to as “sigs” or “signatures”). It is often the most economical method of binding and longer staples can be used to bind greater quantities of sheets. 

Depending on binding style, size, paper, and page count, booklet printing can proceed in a number of ways:

Smaller booklet quantities are typically printed on digital presses with in-line finishing options (like folding and saddle stitching) applied to them as they are printed. 

Large and bulk booklet orders will be produced on a traditional offset printing press. The materials will then be taken to a bindery where they will have finishing options (folding, stitching, and cutting) applied to them. Most shops, including Priority Print Service have in-house bindery departments to streamline this process.

perfect bound magazine diagrams

Perfect Bound booklets are booklets made using a glue spine – similar to notepads – and a wrap-around cover that encloses the spine. This is the common binding method for thicker books and is popular among self-publishers for it’s durability and efficiency. 

Brochures are often used in person as a leave behind, and are a vital addition to any respectable business.

Technically, yes. Booklets can be sent via direct mail – though most forms of it would require an envelope or sealing tabs to help keep it together. Some types of mail do not. It’s uncommon, but very cost effective to use saddle-stitch booklets as EDDM mailers

Should you decide to send magazines to specific addresses without envelopes, you’ll need to use sealing wafers and address labels to get it through the mail.

If you’re interested in how to accomplished your mailing with your printed booklet or catalog, then fill out the contact form at the bottom of this email.

Booklets are popular and effective way to portray your business in depth. They have the ability to turn quick contacts into future clients. This makes them ideal for trade show printing. 

Since deadlines are popular with trade shows we prefer to start your customer service experience off on the right foot. Reach out to us so that we can be sure to meet your trade show deadline.

We’ll supply a quote or insights on any booklet configuration. If you have a custom booklet that you’re trying to recreate or you’re trying to make something special for your business, then please reach out to us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Absolutely. When we receive a booklet order, we thoroughly go through the artwork in a multi-point test that covers colors, dimensions, formatting, and design. This way we can spot problems before they happen. 

If you have the time, you can contact ask to ask for a hard-copy proof. We will be able to accommodate this for most every booklet configuration. We always make a hard copy for ourselves before printing them all so we can validate your work and ours.

After we review your artwork in all its forms, we’ll send you a proof and show you what the results of our review turned up. If you’re satisfied then the job will continue. 

Will a proof effect my turnaround time

If you’re in a crunch for time then please let us know. We try to have all proofs out within 24 hours, but can frequently do it in less. Generally it is a first-come first-serve basis, but we can cut in line for our clients who have tight deadlines.

If you see something that really strikes you as creative and want us to quote it all you need to do is upload photos of the sample and what makes it special using our form at the bottom of this page.

Stair-stepped booklets

Saddle stitched booklets can have a stair-stepped effect. The sheets are designed to be bound off-center from each other. Once bound these booklets have shorter pages toward the cover and longer pages towards the back. These over and under-lapping pages act like tabs with designers frequently labeling the sections according to the effect.

Fold Outs

Some custom booklets are printed with fold outs bound into the booklet – usually at the center spread. These are an extra long page that usually consists of another page width put into the center that folds out, giving another two pages of content.

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