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What’s Better About Our Brochure Printing Services?

While any print company can offer you brochures, there are a few things that we do differently that give us the edge. It really comes down to our selection, how quickly we can produce a given order, and the quality that we’re capable of. We combine these three things to exceed the standard of other shops.

Our Brochure Selection

Any brochure printing service could offer you the basics, but what about the more complex? There are far too many options to create meaningful and straightforward order forms for any product, but we go above and beyond the usual to bring you options that you can really work with. A concise and neatly organized catalog of brochures, organized by fold, is something other print companies just can’t compete with. 

We welcome custom brochure requests

When we craft our product order pages we take transparency seriously. Hence, every effort is made to ensure that you’re confident you’re getting the best product for your needs. However, these pages could never cover every possibility. So if you need to get a price on an option you don’t see just ask us.

Fast Brochure Printing Service

Our entire selection of brochures is available to order as a rush. Special fees apply, but we can accomplish a lot to meet your deadline on time. Expedited shipping orders are also available, with the total combined production and shipping time for most order being as fast as 2 days until arrival.

Brochure printing is an essential marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, providing an affordable and effective way to showcase products and services, promote special offers and events, and build brand awareness. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality brochure printing services at the most competitive prices, with a wide range of fold styles, paper options, and printing methods to choose from.

The main benefits of brochure printing is that it allows businesses to create professional, high-quality marketing materials that can be distributed in a variety of ways, such as through direct mail, at trade shows, or in-store. Brochures are also a great way to provide customers with detailed information about a company’s products or services, and can be designed to appeal to specific target audiences.

Cardstock brochures will be scored before folding to minimize cracking.


  • 70lb Offset Text is what we often use for letterhead printing. But if can be used for brochure printing without any issue.
  • 80lb Gloss Text,  is our efficient option for larger runs, and offers a lighter glossy feel.
  • 100lb Gloss Text, a our heavy glossy paper, but too thin to be consider cardstock.
  • 100lb Gloss Cardstock, a good, mid weight cardstock that is easy to use as a brochure. It is fairly durable, and has a light gloss coating.
Brochure folding playlist showing different fold configurations and what they’re called.

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