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Magnetic products can be a tricky thing to produce. That’s why PriorityPrintService.com has the options that savvy business owners and graphic designers can be confident in. Get the quality you and you clients expect with the service you deserve. 

Magnets can’t be printed while they’re magnetic. There are two ways of printing the materials that will later become magnetic. 

  • The magnetic materials are printed first, then magnetized after printing.
  • A strong adhesive sheet is printed then applied to a magnetic sheet then cut to size. 

The first option is generally more expensive in smaller batches, while the latter method is typically thinner in final form than a base magnetic sheeting.

Magnet printing can take many different forms. The prices very depending on quantity and size. As an example, 1,000 business card-sized magnets could range anywhere from $120 – $250. 

Magnetic features can be added to almost any product. Rather than hanging door hangers, try out magnetic hangers instead. Magnetic  notepads have a magnet strip applied to the back so they’ll easily hang around. Even booklets or mailers could have magnets if requested.

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