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What is the difference between coupon booklets and coupon pads? The difference is in what binding method is used. Coupon pads will use an exposed glue bind while coupon booklets will use a booklet binding method like perfect binding. Coupon pads allow for the user to remove the coupons in order, first-to-last. Coupon booklets allow the user to pick and choose the order of removal.

Custom coupon booklets and coupon pads are great treats for clients. They can be used as a marketing tool to acquire new customers or as a reward for your existing clientele. We make the ordering process easy with all submitted artwork being reviewed by a graphic specialist before going to print. We can catch formatting problems before they happen. 

What Paper Types Are Available For Coupon Books and Coupon Pads?
  • 70lb Smooth Opaque Text, is an extra white, uncoated sheet. It’s about 4 times as thick as regular paper and doesn’t support darker colors as well as glossy paper. Commonly used for letterheadsenvelopes, and notepads.
  • 80lb Gloss Text, is a glossy paper that is about 4 times as thick as a common sheet. It’s lighter than other, more popular options which can make it cheaper to ship and print in larger quantities. It supports a wide range of colors and is frequently used for brochures and flyers.
  • 100lb Gloss Text, is a popular option for flyers. It’s glossy finishes gives it a wide range of colors, while being 5 times as thick as a regular sheet of paper. This paper works great for folded mailersbrochures, and flyers.
  • More papers are available that require you to contact us to prepare a custom order.


What Additional Options Are Available?
  • Magnetic Pads have a magnetic strip applied to it’s backings. This strip allows it to hang from  such surfaces as file cabinets and refrigerators. 
  • Multi-Perfed booklet have a wraparound at the glue edge and perforated page. When the sheet is removed the header remains. 

What’s Better About Our Printing Services?

Every product we offer on this site has a few areas of expertise that we focus on. With Coupon Pads and Booklets we want to help you get started. We do this by offering you small quantity and low minimum orders without massive costs to get started.

Our Coupon Booklet and pad options that require you to contact us

We strive to bring the widest selection to the table and put it to work for you. However, coupon booklets and coupon pads are complicated to make and highly individualized. Below are some options that we commonly use:

  • Sizing is the most obvious option, with small pads ranging from 2.5×6 inches, to larger, full-page booklets. But not only do we offer this wide selection, but we also offer square coupon booklets and pads to create even more unique and personalized options. Not all sizes are quotable in our order page, but you can reach out for more.
  • Material used for making coupon booklets can range from the typical copy paper sheet, to the fancy, glossy paper common with magazines and catalogs. Whatever paper you choose you can be sure that we’ll be taking the same care and attention to make sure it turns out right. However, if you have a specific paper in mind, then reach out and we can see how best we can help.
  • Special Perforations / Tearaway Patterns are the literal “dotted-line” common to coupons. But these easy tear lines don’t get there by accident. This is a separate options that is popular among coupon books, but not as common with other products. Many booklets or pads with one coupon per page will only have a single perf, while larger brochures could have partial or intersecting perfs. If you have multiple coupons per page, then it is best to get in touch.
  • Variable Data is a key ingredient to some coupon books. By adding variable data you’ll add the ability to print unique numbers on each coupon or coupon booklet. Though it may take some additional preparation, you could do the same with QR codes, Barcodes or just a spreadsheet of numbers.
  • Magnetic Backing: A magnetic strip applied to the book that ensures it’ll hang around for awhile.

We welcome custom coupon books and coupon pad requests

When we craft our product order pages we take transparency seriously. Hence, every effort is made to ensure that you’re confident you’re getting the best product for your needs. However, these pages could never cover every possibility. So if you need to get a price on an option you don’t see just ask us.

Fast Coupon Booklet Printing Services

We understand that many of our clients have specific needs. That’s why we offer efficient deadline-based quotes and project fulfillment. Submit a custom quote and select the date you’ll need the products in hand and we’ll premise our quotes off of that date. By doing so, we get started off on the right foot.

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