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Business Card Printing Services

Business Cards are not only still relevant in business today, they can be your opportunity to make a great first impression. You can also keep the conversation going with an order of our specialty business cards. 

  • All have Free UPS Ground Shipping. Transit time for most business cards is 2-3 days, but some specialty options will take longer to arrive.
  • These are the papers available for online ordering, more papers are available via a custom quote:

    • 16pt Cardstock is the basis for most of the business card products. This is coupled with any number of coating options.  
    • 22pt Plastic is an unlaminated option. This means thatcards printed on this plastic have rougher feel than laminated plastic. Credit cards are 32 point and laminated, this material available upon request.
    • 32pt 3-ply cards are made up of 3 specialty sheets that use a chemical glue bond to adhere to a center ply. This center ply can be a different color. This cards are always uncoated.

Business cards are made in large sheets of media (typically paper, but sometimes synthetic materials) then cut down to size. These large sheets are printed on one side or both, taken to the cutter, then cut down to size. 

Business cards are typically 14pt or 16pt paper. Since business cards are made out of cardstock, there is a range of thicknesses to choose from. Cardstock is measured in 1/1000s of an inch, starting at about .006 (6/1000) or “6pt”. Cardstock can go up to 32pt. Coatings can also add to the thickness. Suede laminate, for example, can increase the thickness of a 16pt card by about 20% to 19pt. 

It’s common to see extremely cheap business cards for $10 or less. This price is deceptively low, since it always excludes shipping, uses cheaper paper, very limited printing options, and has low image and color quality.  Good quality business cards will often range from $30 – $60 per set of 1,000.

A standard U.S. business card is 2×3.5 inches. Square business cards are 2×2, while foldover business cards are 3.5×4. 

Business cards can be customized in size as well, and there are other common options. 2.125×3.375 is a credit card size, but is also available for paper business cards as well. The most import thing about business cards is that they be comfortable in wallets, pockets, briefcases, and purses.

Business cards should for-sure include your business name or logo, your name, title, and appropriate contact information. You might also include meaningful social media profiles and alternative contact methods. It is also important that you business card look and feel match your business image, whether that image is whimsical or serious, your business card much match in tone.

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