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Why we offer Mini Brochures

Mini brochures are a product that sets you and us apart. When you use a small brochure in place of a business card or a different marketing piece it not only provides you with a larger canvas to showcase your business but also a niftier approach to doing business. The unique presents these brochures give you business is not to be understated.

We’ve taken to offering mini brochures because of the gap in the catalog of other online shops. Simply, we believe we strike the right balance between selection, quality, and value. When you order your small brochures printed from us, we’re putting decades of experience put to work for you- no matter how large or small the order is!

Mini Brochure Paper Types

  • 70lb Offset Text is what we often use for letterhead printing. But if can be used for brochure printing without any issue.
  • 80lb Gloss Text,  can be an efficient option for larger runs, and offers a lighter glossy feel.
  • 100lb Gloss Text, a heavy glossy paper, but too thin to be consider cardstock.
  • 100lb Gloss Cardstock, a good, mid weight cardstock that is easy to use as a brochure. It is fairly durable, and has a light gloss coating.
  • 12pt Smooth Cardstock, commonly used for greeting card printing, since it is soft to the touch and works great for writing.


Getting Mini Brochures printed costs anywhere from $30 or more depending on the fold style and quantity. Like most printed products, the more impressions you order the cheaper the price is per piece.

Typically small brochures average cost can range by quantity. However, it is common for 1,000 trifold brochures to cost anywhere from $150 – $300 depending on paper and print quality.

Lots of times mini brochures are used instead of business cards. If the small brochure finishes up at 2×3.5 inches it will  be the same as a business card. If using a 3 or 4 panel brochure it is common to only use a lighter, text-weight paper so that it stays folded by itself. Using cardstock makes brochures with more folds susceptible to opening by themselves.

A typical brochure format in the United States is made out of an 8.5×11, and folds into a finished size of 8.5×3.667 (11 divided by 3). However, mini brochures will usually fold to 4×6 or smaller. It is also common to use them instead of business cards when they fold down to 2×3.5.

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