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Never before have so many options been available for printing menus online. We’ve made a point of catering to want most restaurants need: 

  • Flexible option.
  • Low minimums.
  • Great service.

When you place an order for menus on this site, we’ll take an interest in your material. We’re interested in the final product, so we’ll make every reasonable effort to optimize your artwork before it goes to the press without causing undo delays.

  • Booklet Menus: large menus that call for multiple pages bound using staples.
  • Card Menus: Simple, one or two sided cardstock flyers that are small and easy to leave behind.
  • Brochure Menus: The most popular option for dine in or take a menus, is a large sheet of folded paper.
  • Waterproof Menus: Made out of polyester sheeting, waterproof menus are cut to size and are water and tear resistance without the added expense of laminating.

Booklet menus require 8 pages or more and are typically bound  by staples. but could also be bound with plastic coils. These are only for menus that require a lot of content like drink menus.

Card menus are single pieces of material (usually cardstock) that are printed on one or both sides. Their small size makes them ideal for brief, temporary or seasonal offerings.

Brochure menus consist of one sheet of paper folded to make multiple panels. 

  • A Bifold has 2 panels.
  • A Trifold has 3 Panels.
  • An accordion is a zigzag “Z” pattern.
  • A trifold is a letterfold.
  • A roll fold tucks one end into the other. 

There are many different fold options that can be used for brochure menus, and even more sizes.

Waterproof menus come in many different shapes and sizes, and can even be used for brochures. We use polyester sheeting to make the menu water resistance without laminating. These are vulnerable to scuffing, so while they may not last as long as laminated menus, they’re cheaper to produce and will still see multiple uses.

Yes, we’d be happy to. Use the quote form found on this or any page on our site and attach photos of your sample if a hardcopy is available.

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