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EDDM Full Service

EDDM Full Service. Truely.

Every Door Direct Mailer (or EDDM) is a discount postage method available to the public for marketing purposes. As such,  the best EDDM service have to meet certain conditions to fulfill the requirements and receive discount postage. The four areas that these focus around are:

  • Size of the piece.
  • Entry into the post office.
  • Pre-mailing Preparation.
  • Volume (quantity). can take all the mystery out of EDDM by preparing a specialized quote sheet just for you. Other direct mail services and direct mail marketing companies won’t do this, and that’s why their mailings fail.

Eddm pricing

Using our full service options you can have your postcard design, printed, and mailed for as little as 7 cents above postage cost. This facctors in card size, material, and overall quantity. 

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EDDM timeline

Here's how it works.

Prepress & Production

Sending Proofs, Revising Artwork, and Printing the job typically take 3-5 days, but rush services are available.

Shipped to Local Post Office

You'll receive FedEx or USPS tracking for your order. Once it arrives at the local post office the staff there will unpack and begin distribution.

Distribution & Validation

The USPS staff responsible for you mailing validate that they have started distribution by shipping back samples the printing to you. By the time you recieve the samples, the distribution will be done.

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