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Coupon Booklet Printing

A coupon booklet is a collection of coupons bound together. The best coupon booklets have perforations so the end-user can tearaway their selection in the order of their choosing without effecting the overall integrity of the booklet. We specialize in perforated coupon book printing.

Coupon Booklet Printing Options and Specs

Our coupon booklet printing services take different forms. The difference is decided by the binding. There are several possible styles we use to bind coupon booklets.

Soft-Cover / Perfect Bound Booklets (most popular)

Soft-Cover Booklets are a popular choice to turn into coupon books. They’re quite similar when you think about it; stacks of individual pages – usually quite a large stack – bound in order with a cover. Once you add a tearaway perf (and usually a smaller profile) and you have a perfect-bound coupon booklet.

Glue-Bound Coupon Pads (popular)

This is similar to the perfect bound options about, but with a key difference: no cover. Revolutionary (not really). This option has been around for printed notepads for a long time. But now we’re using it for coupon books. However, because these are simply held together by glue, we only recommend using them for identical coupons. Because once you rip out a coupon beneath another the whole book will come apart. Only the top sheet should be used. If this doesn’t suite your needs then choose another other.

Stapled Booklets

Stapled coupon booklets printing are help together by stapled wire. We further divide this into two categories:

Saddle Stitch Booklets

Saddle Stitch Booklet Printing are popular for non-coupon books. These consist of printing, then folding the sheets in the proper order. Once folded, the sheets are bound on the fold by staples. There’s a big reason why this style is not great for coupon booklets. It relies on printing the pages out-of-order and then collating them into the final form. Any issues with the collating and the coupon books will be wrong. Combine this with the fact that coupon booklets are typically thick and the complications grow. That’s why using it for Coupon Booklets Printing isn’t ideal.


We make face-stapled books by binding the sheets together with stitches that go right through all the sheets. There are no folds. This style has to have a perf and a stub since the binding is based on the thickness of the sheets.

Spiral Bound Coupon Booklet Printing

Using a plastic coil to bind coupon booklets is possible, but we don’t think it’s ideal. Most coupon booklets are small in size, and therefore the binding edge is too narrow. Do you have a larger booklet? Then this might be an option.

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Artwork Information

You may upload your artwork or email us files or links to your art files. The important thing is simply to get your artwork files to us. We do not require you to do it in any particular manner. All artwork is reviewed for accuracy and quality by trained personnel prior to printing. Artwork will be proofed with you if necessary, if we need your input, or if you request a proof.

  • Artwork Preparation guidelines:
    • All Products
      • Bleed: 1/8 (0.125) inches on all edges.
      • Content Margin ("safe zone"): 1/8 (0.125) inches from trim.
      • Filetypes: PDF preferred. Other files may be accepted.
    • Saddle Booklets
      • Filetypes: Multipage PDF preferred. Straight pages, not spreads. Other files may be accepted.
      • NOTE: Saddlestitch booklets do not need bleed on the inside edge. This may interfere with spreads if it is the case.
    • Perfect Bound Booklets
      • Gutter between pages is required.

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