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If you need a menu for takeout, a handy piece of marketing material that explains what you do, or something that will explain your job progression to a client then consider Custom Bifold Brochure Printing. Cardstock and Text versions of this product may have minimal cracking along the folds when there is heavy ink coverage in that area. All paper types are scored before folding to prevent this. Despite what you may read elsewhere the issue of cracking on brochure printing is always present to some extent. We do everything we can to prevent and minimize it and create the best custom bifold brochure printing outcome.

A horizontal Bifold is a single fold in the center of the length of the sheet. An 8.5×11 sheet would fold into a 8.5×5.5 bifold brochure. Please see the other products in the brochures page to view the other quantities and styles.

Bifold Brochure Printing Features

  • Budget bifold brochure paper

    • 70lb Uncoated Paper is for a more organic feel. We often use it on letterheads and heavier notepads or envelopes. It’s the lightest paper we offer and is about 3-times as heavy as regular copy paper. Did we mention that it’s pen-friendly?
    • 80lb Gloss Book is a coated text weight that is popular on some of out booklets’ content pages. About as heavy as the 70lb Uncoated, but with a much glossier texture it is still a common choice for brochure of every stripe despite being overshadowed by the every-popular 100lb Gloss Book.
    • 100lb Gloss Book (popular) is a common, coated paper that is just about as thick as paper gets without being a cardstock. It’s commonplace for brochures of every size, and one of our most common options for many products.
    • 100lb Gloss Cardstock (popular) is not to be outshined. This is by far our most popular paper across the board – though many prefer a no-cardstock for their brochures. But it’s the perfect weight. Any thicker and it wouldn’t stay closed, but it’s certainly not lightweight.
    • 12pt Uncoated is our go-to pick for greeting cards and index cards (or note cards). It really has a subtly, waxy coating that gives it a smooth, soft finish, rather than a rough, uncoated sheet. It’s pen-friendly and it a popular choice for that reason.

Why we offer Budget Bifold Brochures

All our “budget” products in our catalog come back to one relentless focus: to give you the option to order small minimum quantities without sacrificing overall quality. We deliver on the with every product and bifold brochures are no different. We organize our webpages to help clients distinguish between great value for smaller quantities and great value for larger quantities. Because production methods very and produce slightly different results, it’s important to us to cater to your needs in ways that matter. The upshot is that we organize our shop in an intuitive way, distinguishing brochures by their fold and perspective order size. This results in short, easy-to-use forms that product optimal pricing.

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Artwork Information

You may upload your artwork or email us files or links to your art files. The important thing is simply to get your artwork files to us. We do not require you to do it in any particular manner. All artwork is reviewed for accuracy and quality by trained personnel prior to printing. Artwork will be proofed with you if necessary, if we need your input, or if you request a proof.

  • Artwork Preparation guidelines:
    • All Products
      • Bleed: 1/8 (0.125) inches on all edges.
      • Content Margin ("safe zone"): 1/8 (0.125) inches from trim.
      • Filetypes: PDF preferred. Other files may be accepted.
    • Saddle Booklets
      • Filetypes: Multipage PDF preferred. Straight pages, not spreads. Other files may be accepted.
      • NOTE: Saddlestitch booklets do not need bleed on the inside edge. This may interfere with spreads if it is the case.
    • Perfect Bound Booklets
      • Gutter between pages is required.

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