Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions




“priorityprintservice.com” refers to this website and it’s constituents including Three Four Printing, INC. priorityprintservice.com is not related or in any way affiliated with the United States Postal Service or USPS or usps.com other than as a customer.



Prices Advertised Online are not binding. priorityprintservice.com reserves the right to cancel an order placed online and offer a different quote.



Shipping and Turnaround Times are not binding. priorityprintservice.com reserves the right to change the time frame of a job, but will endeavor to do so with mutual consent. Once a job has shipped the responsibility of the job transfers to the shipping service and the receive. PriorityPrintService.com will not be held responsible for delayed or damaged shipments.



Printing Quality Assurance is considered a matter of perspective by priorityprintservice.com, but does intend to generally follow these guidelines: an image that is out of position to an extent greater than 1/16 of an inch, a color that is scientifically incorrect (using machine measurements, not eyesight or opinion), or a job that was printed on a substrate different from what was ordered. Reprints and refunds are not guaranteed. 



Proofing turnaround is not binding.



Artwork audits are a service available upon request and are not a binding expectation made by priorityprintservice.com. Your job’s results may differ.



Print Design turnaround is not binding. Your purchase of a design on the product page acts as a deposit towards the project. Once the initial draft is delivered and the pre-purchased revision(s) are made to the design, any further work will require a payment. priorityprintservice.com reserves the right to retain all or a portion of your deposit upon their sole discretion if your are not satisfied with the design. Satisfaction is not guaranteed. 

If a design is not purchased from priorityprintservice.com despite the services being performed at your request, priorityprintservice.com will seek compensation in the form of a debt collection. If a design conceived by priorityprintservice.com’s representative is found to be used without being purchased through priorityprintservice, and if the design bares a significant resemblance or resembles an altered version of a design provided by priorityprintservice.com staff that you did not purchase, priorityprintservice.com is entitled to seek compensation for this design and damages or infringements for this design.

Priorityprintservice.com or it’s staff and representatives will not be held accountable to unlicensed photos or artwork that may be provided by, referred to by, or used by a customer. This includes elements of a design that a custom may have purchased from priorityprintservice.com or that priorityprintservice.com or it’s constituents may have purchased on their (the customer’s) behalf.


Users of priorityprintservice.com waive the right to participate in a class action lawsuit against priorityprintservice.com or it’s constituence.


All refunds are given at the sole discretion of priorityprintservice.com and it’s constituents.



Priorityprintservice.com reserves the right to revoke or deny any Discounts or Special Pricing without notice.



Priorityprintservice.com reserves the right to cancel any order without explanation or notice.



Any Pornographic, Insensitive or Controversial Material priorityprintservice.com will not be obligated print.


Mailers or other materials given by priorityprintservice.com or it’s vendors or contractors to the United State’s Post Office or another service for distribution are not under a guarantee of fulfillment offered by priorityprintservice.com. These vendors’ may fail to perform their service contracted by priorityprintservice.com. In this case, priorityprintservice.com and it’s constituents and representatives may arbitrate on your behalf and provide other assistance, but will not refund your money or obligate itself to provide compensation in any way.