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Supply issue-related policy changes

We’re sure you’re tired of hearing about the supply issues facing North America, but it’s finally come for printing and so we have to institute some policy changes.

Until further notice:

  1. All orders are subject to cancellation and refund without notice.
  2. Papers may be substituted without notice in accordance with what is available.
  3. No gaurantees are to be made regarding rush orders.
  4. Refunds may not be issued for jobs that are late or unsatisfactory for any reason. All sales are final.

We expect this supply pinch will be most acute to paper for the next 2-3 months, as retailers push aside all other shipments to receive their Holiday inventories. After New Years’ things will begin to alleviate.

Once this particular phase of paper issues is over we expect things to balance out over the course of 2022. We should take this opportunity to warn you, however, that things are not going back to 2019. The big chains have closed their smaller warehouse branches and many paper mills have taken this opportunity to manufacture disposable products like paper towels and toilet paper rather than the commercial paper used in printing. This may not have the same extensive effects that the industry has been prone to this year, but the impact will be felt in years to come.

Good luck and thank you for your patience.

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