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Revised March 18, 2023.

All sales final. All products and services are rendered as-is, and we are not obligated to supply a refund for any reason. All refunds or reprints are subject to the discretion of staff.

That being said, we do consider issuing refunds, partial refunds, or reprints (in part or in full) for the following circumstances: the order arrived late, damaged, or more than 10% short of the quantity paid for; a significantly different paper was used than what was ordered; the order went missing in transit.

Circumstances in which we typically do not consider refunds, reprinting, or any other form of compensation: the colors aren’t precise (see our articles on color control and how to prevent gross inaccuracies), it doesn’t match the proof (on-screen proofs are always different to some degree than in print), or you weren’t shown a proof (we often issue proofs either upon request or because we need some clarification, but we assume that the artwork we’re given is ready to print); your mailing didn’t receive a response (we supply the records for you mailing upon request so that you can see the interactions and payment with the post office).

Cancellations and revisions:

You may request a cancellation or a revision to your artwork after it’s already been submitted by emailing [email protected] with your order information and the details. We cannot obligate ourselves to a refund or reprint of your job in this case, because jobs will frequently begin the production process well before they’re actually printed. It can’t hurt to ask, but we may have to deny your request for a cancellation or revision depending on the job and product type.

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