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Metallic Business Cards

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    Metallic Business Cards

    Metallic business cards are specialty pieces that give you a high-quality look and feel. We carry two types of metallic (on this page); our Anyfoil metallic effect (that makes any color metallic), or our metallic inks (a more genuine feel, but only available in certain colors). No matter which style you choose, you’ll be sure to have one of the most impressive business cards you’ve ever seen. And in the paragraphs below we’ll break down the pros and cons of each and why you should choose one or the other.

    It’s best to choose our Anyfoil effect if you need flexibility in your design. This is because gradients (in particular), photos, and other complex elements can all be made to have some metallic characteristics. You’ll really be able to light up a design without too much planning or effort. But there’s a catch. Anyfoil doesn’t have a texture, so no foil-like feel or embossing and stamping. You should also consider that lighter colors turn out better and more “metallicky” than darker colors.

    If you want a more genuine metallic effect, then choose our… genuine metallic effects. These aren’t the embossed foils or stamps, but they give the feel of a smooth metallic shell. However, you have to use the set colors and the portrayals on-screen may not be exact. This also rules out using them as gradients or on photos. These are strictly for solid designs like lettering.

    Metallic Business Cards Design Specs

    Designs for either of these effects are pretty easy. First, you’ll have to make your initial design. Then, in a separate file, you’ll need to create the pattern that you want the effect applied to in 100% black ink. So if you want gold lettering, then despite whatever you have in your print design your foil file with being of the same size and shape, but with a 100% black design where the foil will be. So in this case you would place black lettering exactly where you want the foil to go and leave the rest of the area blank.

    Business Card Features

    • Business Card Papers

      • 16pt Coated Cardstock: One of our favorite paper options, the 16pt cardstock is affordable, sturdy, and impressive. Because it provides a little extra something over the 14pt, it’s our most popular option. It’s also inexpensive, making it a great, sturdy option for cheap business cards.
    • Business Card Effects

      • Anyfoil/Overall Metallic: This is a special treatment that creates an overall metallic effect out of whatever color is used. It can be used on an entire design or simply a pattern overlayed onto the design. The latter option requires skilled designs to do.
      • Metallic Foil: Genuine, non-textured foil is applied to defined patterns on the card. This is not an embossed effect, and simply provides the look (provided no gloss coating is used as well) and feel of tinted metal.
    • Business Card Coatings

      • No Additional Coating: This is the paper’s default texture.
      • Full UV Coating Both Sides (Anyfoil only): UV Gloss Coating has quickly become the industry standard for an affordable, ultra-glossy texture. You can’t use pens on it since the entire business card is coated to create a surface impermeable to pen ink. Also, UV coating is not waterproof because it is always applied to paper and does not create a seal.
      • Silk Laminate Both Sides (Metallic only): A soft but smooth look and feel, this special laminate is designed to mimic silk fabric. Its thickness adds substantially to the paper’s, giving a 16pt cardstock a 19pt thickness.


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    Artwork Instructions

    You may upload your artwork or email us files or links to your art files. The important thing is simply to get your artwork files to us. We do not require you to do it in any particular manner.

    • All artwork is reviewed for accuracy and quality by trained personnel prior to printing.
    • Artwork will be proofed with you if necessary, if we need your input, or if you request a proof.
    Download Metallic Business Cards Layout Templates

    This template is not yet available online. Please email [email protected] with the product name and size and we will provide you with the template. To review the general methods for setting up any file you can read about it here:

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