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    Thick glossy business cards are printed on premium 16pt cardstock and coated with thick, gloss coating. After laminating the business cards are 22pt thick, making them more water and tear-resistant. This durability makes them a common option for gift cards, reward cards, or loyalty cards.

    Business Card Features

    • Business Card Papers

      • 22pt Heavy Laminated Cardstock: An ultra-thick paper that is coupled with a hefty gloss laminate to make a top-of-the-line business card.
    • Business Card Coatings

      • Heavy Thick Gloss Laminate: This is common for membership cards or shopper’s cards. But the Heavy Gloss Laminate applied to the paper helps it withstand usage, making it a great business card.


    • Are Laminated Cards Waterproof?
      No, but they are water-resistant. So they can receive a little bit of moisture and survive some contact with liquid, but they can still be damaged by water.
    • How are these cards made?
      The base is made of our popular 16pt coated cardstock, which then receives a heavy coating of gloss. This coating is so thick that it forms a shell that adds to the overall thickness of the card.

    Why we offer these Business Cards

    Business cards are still a business necessity, and they also say a lot about you. So, if you’re in the market for something that says “sharp”, “snazzy”, and “durable”, these sharp, snazzy, durable business cards might be the right choice for you. If not, then consider the hundreds of other combinations you can order by checking out our main business card printing page.

    Artwork Information

    You may upload your artwork or email us files or links to your art files. The important thing is simply to get your artwork files to us. We do not require you to do it in any particular manner. All artwork is reviewed for accuracy and quality by trained personnel prior to printing. Artwork will be proofed with you if necessary, if we need your input, or if you request a proof.

    • Artwork Preparation guidelines:
      • All Products
        • Bleed: 1/8 (0.125) inches on all edges.
        • Content Margin ("safe zone"): 1/8 (0.125) inches from trim.
        • Filetypes: PDF preferred. Other files may be accepted.
      • Saddle Booklets
        • Filetypes: Multipage PDF preferred. Straight pages, not spreads. Other files may be accepted.
        • NOTE: Saddlestitch booklets do not need bleed on the inside edge. This may interfere with spreads if it is the case.
      • Perfect Bound Booklets
        • Gutter between pages is required.

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