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    Cheap Business Cards can come in many different flavors and this page covers them all. From the usual and affordable to the metallic coatings and plastic material, our cheap business cards offer it all. Explore the variety of options for fast turnaround or unique special effects to find something that’s perfect for your business. Every order comes with free ground shipping to the mainland U.S.

    Business Card Features

    • Business Card Papers

      • 100lb White Linen Cardstock: This is a cardstock meant to impersonate the texture of linen fabric, and it does a pretty good job. Our bright white linen cardstock helps your colors pop!
      • 14pt Coated Cardstock: A standard option of the industry, 14pt might be the most common business card paper out there. This is for good reason, as it provides a sturdy look and appearance while being affordable.
      • 16pt Coated Cardstock: One of our favorite paper options, the 16pt cardstock is affordable, sturdy, and impressive. Because it provides a little extra something over the 14pt, it’s our most popular option. It’s also inexpensive, making it a great, sturdy option for cheap business cards.
      • 18pt C1S: Heavy cardstock that is commonly reserved for boxes and packaging materials makes a great business card too! Because it’s coated only on the front, no additional coatings can be applied to it.
      • 18pt Brown Kraft Paper: A genuine look and feel are provided by this authentic brown, uncoated cardstock, while it also gives the thickness of 18pt.
      • 20pt Uncoated Plastic: Plastic without the laminate makes our 20pt plastic more affordable while still being all the things you like about plastic cards: thick, unique, waterproof, and indestructible.
      • 22pt Heavy Laminated Cardstock: An ultra-thick paper that is coupled with a hefty gloss laminate to make a top-of-the-line business card.
      • 32pt Tri-Ply Cardstock: 3 are better than one, and our Tri-Ply papers combine three cardstock sheets to make an over-the-top 32pt sheet that will break before it bends. This couples with the black center sheet or “Painted Edge” effects.
    • Business Card Effects

      • Anyfoil/Overall Metallic: This is a special treatment that creates an overall metallic effect out of whatever color is used. It can be used on an entire design or simply a pattern overlayed onto the design. The latter option requires skilled designs to do.
      • Spot UV: Spot UV is the common UV coating but applied in a pattern so that only certain features reflect light and are highlighted by the sheen.
      • Raised Spot UV: An elaboration on the Spot UV treatment where the pattern of clear lacquer will be made to bubble up in an even and smooth way. This creates a holographic appearance as the reflective pattern is raised 50 microns above the design on the paper.
      • White Ink: White ink allows you to keep colors true and genuine brown paper. Only available on our 18pt Kraft paper option.
      • Painted Edges: When these business cards are being made the edges will be painted a color of your choice (or left white), and because the paper id 32pt thick, it makes a noticeable difference.
      • Black Center Sheet: The center ply of our 32pt Tri-Ply card is a black sheet giving you the appearance of a sandwiched card.
      • Metallic Foil: Genuine, non-textured foil is applied to defined patterns on the card. This is not an embossed effect, and simply provides the look (provided no gloss coating is used as well) and feel of tinted metal.
      • Raised Gloss Printing: Any pattern in your business card’s design can be elevated to create a unique creation.
      • Raised Metallic Foil: Reflective, metallic inks are applied in a pattern and lifted off the sheet, creating one of our most stunning looks. The smooth bubble of the metallic effect brightly reflects whatever design you choose.
      • Plastics

      • White Plastic: The standard default white plastic option, where you get the thickness fo the plastic, but the colors ring true.
      • Frosted Plastic: As a slightly-transparent plastic that looks like foggy glass, this could be giving you the best of both worlds. the unique appearance of transparency and enough of a white base that your colors hold mostly true.
      • Clear Plastic: This is a totally clear plastic that can be difficult to design on, given the fact that it’s transparency effects the colors in your design.
    • Business Card Coatings

      • No Additional Coating: This is the paper’s default texture.
      • Matte Coating: Matte is one of the most common coating styles on the market today. Our true matte laminate provides an authentic powdery feel that many businesses feel communicates there brand better. The matte texture does change the image somewhat, with colors appearing slightly more muted compared to UV coating.
      • Full UV Coating Both Sides: UV Gloss Coating has quickly become the industry standard for an affordable, ultra-glossy texture. You can’t use pens on it since the entire business card is coated to create a surface impermeable to pen ink. Also, UV coating is not waterproof because it is always applied to paper and does not create a seal.
      • Full UV Coating Front Only: UV Gloss Coating is applied only to the front side of the business card. The coated texture of the back shows through and for pen ink to be effective on it.
      • Heavy Thick Gloss Laminate: This is common for membership cards or shopper’s cards. But the Heavy Gloss Laminate applied to the paper helps it withstand usage, making it a great business card.
      • Silk Laminate Both Sides: A soft but smooth look and feel, this special laminate is designed to mimic silk fabric. Its thickness adds substantially to the paper’s, giving a 16pt cardstock a 19pt thickness.
      • Suede / Soft Velvet Lamination Both Sides: This signature soft-to-the-touch laminate is meant to simulate the feel velvet. It’s an impressive option, which upon close inspection in the light, it casts a slightly reflective sheen.
      • Regular Smooth Plastic: Many plastic cards have heavy gloss laminate applied, but ours do not. Instead, we use the basic texture of the plastic – which is smooth but not overly glossy.

    Why we offer Inexpensive Business Cards

    Business cards are still a business necessity, and they also say a lot about you. The internet is full of cheap business cards and inexpensive options that probably won’t suit you. So, we’re putting our best foot forward and delivering one of the widest selections available. All on one page you get dozens of papers, coating, and special effects to choose from.

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