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Operations update: Holiday 2021

Update 01/31/22

During our prolonged maintenance period we’ve performed fundamental updates to this site. These are now being tested. Please allow one more day from our previous scheduling to allow all these features to be thoroughly tested before placing an order online. Orders will be resumed officially on Tuesday, Feb 1st.


Update 01/06/22

If you’re interested in getting a project in-queue right away, please use the form listed below and leave the ‘past invoice / billing name” field blank.

Update: 12/27/21

We’ve prolonged the time that we will be only filling orders from existing clients through January 30th, 2022. The reason for this is to account for the time off we will be giving our employees when they get ill as the New Covid variant spreads in our area.

During the holiday season, our work hours will differ from the norm. If this were any other year, this update would simply spell out when we’ll be in the office and when you can expect orders to be filled. However, in 2021 the Holiday Season will take a drastically different turn.

We’ve decided that in order to meet the increase in demand, the decrease in supplies, and the unreliable nature of shipping packages near the holidays only orders from returning customers will be filled starting on Monday, December 13th, 2021 until Monday, January 3rd, 2022.

Though this arrangement is unorthodox and could be frustrating to new clients, it will allow our staff to spend the desired time with their families as well as enable us to utilize our inventory better.

The supply crisis

The current supply chain ineptitude is a factor in our decision to restrict ordering on site. Currently we – and all our competitors – are limited in what we can produce. This has been the case for most of the year already but it is most acute right now because retailers are further straining the lines to aggressively try to get Holiday Inventory stocked. This should be alleviating as we enter the new year and the stress level will hopefully return to what it was this past October.

The shipping crisis

All major carriers are bound to be overwhelmed in the weeks leading up to Christmas 2021. For example, FedEx is experiencing unprecedented issues in fulfilling orders and this puts a major damper on our ability to reliably fulfill orders (both USPS and UPS will also have trouble handling the surge). So at a certain point, we have to wonder if we’re just going to be frustrating our clients by involving them in the inevitable crunch.

The new year (2022 & going forward)

The temporary measures we’re taking to minimize frustration, meet existing deadlines, and yes, keep our sanity in no way reflect our future plans. These are a one-off arrangement to get through one of the tightest supply and labor pinches the modern world has ever seen. Sure, we’re interested in trying to focus where we can do the most good and optimize our operations long-term. But we’re not scaling back or in any danger of closing. Let’s address that in an upfront manner. On the contrary, we’re excited to do business with you in the new year.

Please enjoy the holiday season and the end of the year.

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