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Update – July 25th UPS and The Teamsters Union have reached an agreement and a strike is no longer expected August 1st. We will be resuming our normal ETAs effective immediately. If you’re curious: The Union claims to have secured an offer that grants their members an additional $30 billion over the next five years. […]

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Update 01/31/22 During our prolonged maintenance period we’ve performed fundamental updates to this site. These are now being tested. Please allow one more day from our previous scheduling to allow all these features to be thoroughly tested before placing an order online. Orders will be resumed officially on Tuesday, Feb 1st.   Update 01/06/22 If

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We’re sure you’re tired of hearing about the supply issues facing North America, but it’s finally come for printing and so we have to institute some policy changes. Until further notice: All orders are subject to cancellation and refund without notice. Papers may be substituted without notice in accordance with what is available. No gaurantees

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Designing business cards can seem difficult – and for specialty options it is. But even if you’re not the most creative or don’t have the fanciest tools you’re sure to impress yourself if you follow the instructions in this article. Basic business card designs A basic business card would preclude any of the fancier options

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Have you ever had a job come back from the print shop all wrong? Are there terms you don’t understand but want to set up the job correctly? This article is written by a prepress specialist with a background in graphic design, and it’s meant to cover all the must-know rules of setting up your

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Are you looking for a reliable print partner based in the state? We’ve called Arizona home for almost 40 years. View our selection of brochures available for order. Or put us to the test with a custom quote. We’ll put our experience to good use helping you plan your next project. View brochure printing photos

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Explaining eligible EDDM sizes and requirements is actually somewhat complicated. We’ll dig into it a little further down in this article. The upshot is the common, everyday print sizes that qualify: Eligible EDDM Sizes are:   Small – 4×11, 4.25×11, 6.25×9.25, 6.25×9, 6.5×9 Medium – 7×8.5, 5×10, 6×10, 6×11, 6×12 Large – 8×10, 8.5×11 (standard

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Who are my customers? Keep your friends close, your clients closer. Knowing your customer is a vital, and often, pleasant task. When getting to know your clients, you’re not just strengthening the bonds that tie them to your business and keeping them buying. You’re also getting the most valuable insight there is on how to

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Formatting is booklet can be a daunting task. Even with the proper tools, all the content, and the needed experience (and/or patience), building a booklet is one of the more difficult graphic design tasks. In this article we’ll explain how to avoid the common pitfalls and make sure your printed booklet comes out looking like

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Would you attend a hairstylist without a recommendation from a friend? What about having somebody prepare your taxes? in keeping with a recent Nielsen’s Harris Poll on-line, 82 % of american citizens said they ask for recommendations when creating any quite purchase. For service professionals like hairdressers, tax preparers, contractors and also the like, referrals

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